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Welcome to Willows World

We have decided to stop waiting for Godot. In waiting, we have missed our obligation to many young people. Godot in our case being printers and designers who have delayed us for months. We have decided to move beyond our challenge to encourage young people to adopt and adapt the culture of reading at this crucial time.

Your part as an adult is to subscribe on behalf of young people, our own part is to ensure we provide young people with readable and age appropriate materials. What then will be the part of young people? Their part will be to read, ask questions and drive us by keeping us on our toes with ideas and suggestions. We are committed to nurturing young people to excel and God helping us we shall not fail.

Willows Magazine seeks to encourage the culture of reading in young people. Since we also have a number of avid adult readers we started a virtual assistance project for adults. Information about the concept is on Willows Adult.

The virtual assistance gives you access to RSS Feed on current news information around the world. To better link you to relevant information; indicate your areas of interest. As part of the virtual assistance, we will offer you counsel and take on the stress of thinking or talking through issues with you. We will provide you with resources and go a step further if you need us to. Just ask willowsmagazine@gmail.com. If we can’t do it, we’ll link you with someone who can.

Should you prefer to speak to one of our assistants, you can subscribe to the telephone service. You will bear the cost of your call in addition to paying $1 per minute. This service is great when you just need someone to talk to. Once payment is confirmed, time will be allocated to you. We advice you specify area of discussion ahead so our consultant will be prepared to respond when you call. Language of communication will be English, Yoruba and Pidgin.

The telephone service also offers sessions for those who wish to improve their speaking skills or teach their children or friends the Yoruba language (other languages will be added later) or Nigerian culture.

During your subscription, feel free to extend the gesture that has been extended to you to others especially teenagers. As you know, the teens are drawn to the internet; giving them an appropriate alternative to the many options presented by the World Wide Web will go a long way to shape their minds and mould their personality. With your one-time subscription, the teen(s) or adults on behalf of whom you have subscribed can be given access to Willows Online.

In the past, folks have supported the magazine by paying for and making Willows Magazine available to schools and youth based groups. Back issues are available at the cover price of N250 in Nigeria, $3 in USA and £2 in UK (plus shipping for locations outside Lagos) should you wish to sponsor copies for your Alma Mata or any youth based group. Discount is available for bulk sponsorship.

Today history has been affected by the Presidency in the United States of America. Today Willows Magazine makes history by rising like Senator Obama beyond the challenges that have hitherto tried to keep us down.

Welcome on board; be ready to drive us along the path that is most beneficial to you.

Omolola Famuyiwa
For: Willows Magazine… nurturing young people to excel.


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