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Summit Project

What’s the project about?

The Global Youth Council involves a number of international youth groups from all five continents. The Council is coordinated by Karlstad Youth Council, a group of six young students who are interested in United Nation’s Child Convention, article 17 about mass media, and how to bring forward perspectives and interest from children and youth. The Global Youth Council will work together towards a new Youth Declaration, to be processed and presented at the World Summit 2010.

They will discuss different topics about the media situation in the world, for example what it looks like today in the different continents and how the different Youth Councils would like it to be in the future. It will be an interesting project and you will be regularly updated about the young students’ thoughts and ideas about the mass media.

Responsibilities for the Global Youth Councils

The responsibilities for the Global Youth Coordinator are:

Put together a team of young people and send a list of e-mail addresses of participants

Send group photo with names to be published at wskarlstad2010.se as a presentation of the group to the Team Lead

Organise group meetings where you discuss different subjects connected to the three main questions:

– How are children and young people represented in the Nigeria media?
– How do you want children and young people to be represented?
– How in your opinion can the vision of a better media world be reached?

Kindly ensure all projects/reports are in English.

The responsibilities for the Global Youth Council members (members of your team) are:

Participate in group discussions and chat on the three main questions.

The responsibilities for the Karlstad Youth Council are:

Present a number of questions and themes regarding children and youth in media.                                                                 Send discussion summaries to World Summit project management to be published as news at wskarlstad2010.se Outline a Youth Declaration draft by December 1.

First question discussed
The first question is presently being discussed Facebook. Question no 1 is: “What kind of national and international sources for information and material do you have access to in your country/region and how are children and youth represented in these sources?”

Notice how the question has been rephrased to ensure that participants have more talking points!

I wish us the very best.


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